The sails of the 23rd Fiumanka were lowered

The sails of the 23rd Fiumanka were lowered

The announcement of the winners concluded the 23rd Great Fiumanka, a traditional Rijeka cruiser regatta whose sails filled the Bay of Rijeka. In just 59 minutes, he crossed the finish line Portopiccolo Prosecco Doc as the fastest ship 23. Fiumanke. Immediately behind him, she entered the finish line Maxi Jena, the third was Generali Asillina III, the fourth is Adriatic Europe while the fifth was Molo longo. She was the fastest among the media crews Nova tv, the other was HRT, and the third News -regional info network. The family cruiser was the first to reach the finish line Bubamare - INA.

Of the 163 entries, a slightly smaller number of participants found themselves at noon at the start of the 23rd Fiumanka. Perfect weather conditions during the main regatta were preceded by days, as well as a morning in which the strength of the wind prevented the arrival of some registered participants. A record-breaking Fiumanka sailed from the starting line at the entrance to the port of Rijeka, and for impressions of it it is enough to look the radiant faces of the participants who truly enjoyed sailing and this year’s regatta. Alongside the regatta cruisers were the participants of the family group who prepared a real spectacle of joint entry into the harbor. Satisfaction with the regatta and accompanying activities is not hidden by the sponsors who are also active participants in Fiumanka, so many of them sailed.

This time, the conditions were in favor of the biggest maxi "Portopiccolo Prosecco Doc", which entered the finish line in just 59 minutes, and only a minute later, last year's fastest boat of the Maxi Jena regatta passed the finish line. Among the top five, as expected, were the biggest, but this time the regatta was successfully completed by a large number of crews.

Part of Fiumanka is her media regatta, which was won by the NOVA TV team, the second was HRT, and the third was NOVNET TV. The youngest crew of the 23rd Fiumanka, which received the transitional trophy of Zvonimir Bezić, was that of the ship Melanie M with the helmsman Marin Matahlija. Prizes and transitional trophy were also taken over by the competitors of the first University Regatta Student Fiumanka. The most successful team is the one from the Faculty of Maritime Studies, which will proudly keep the transitional trophy of the regatta for a year. In second place is the team of Health Studies, while in third place is the team Uniri.