Telašćica Nature Park - A Corner of Nature’s Paradise

Telašćica Nature Park - A Corner of Nature’s Paradise

For those eager to escape the daily race against time, a corner of nature’s paradise awaits at the extreme south of Dugi otok (Long Island) on the central Croatian coast.  An unavoidable destination for most boaters - Telašćica Nature Park consists of Telašćica bay, surrounded by 13 islands and islets, and contains six islets within the bay. 

Its stunning beauty and pristine nature lead to its declaration as a protected Nature Park in 1988. The most picturesque of the islands is the island of Katina, and the most unusual is certainly Taljurić, which resembles a large, flat plate. The total area of ​​the Nature Park is more than 70 km2, and the Telašićica bay is the largest protected bay in Croatia, with plenty of buoys for overnight stays that are included in the park’s admission price.  

Telašćica Nature Park is an area extremely rich in contrasts, quiet and peaceful beaches with many meandering bays are on one side, while wild steep cliffs that continue for miles are on the other.   From Aleppo pine and oak forests, to red, bare rocky areas, as well as cultivated fields covered with vineyards and olive groves.  The wide range of geographical formations has lead to an amazing array of biodiversity associated with arid habitats.

Apart from being the largest and safest natural bay on the Adriatic, Telašćica also has two other exceptional natural phenomena, the highest cliffs on the Adriatic coast, and the great salt lake “Mir” located in the basin left by the formation of the great cliffs.  The cliffs, whose rocks tower up to 160 meters above sea level, plunge another 80 meters into the black sea below, amazing all with its grandeur.  The sea which may appear black on the surface is teaming with biodiversity that is a diver’s dream. 

The unique salt lake "Mir" is a very warm lake with an extremely high salt content considered to have great healing properties.  There are trails around the lake which allow you to walk through pristine nature, enjoying the aromatic scents of indigenous island plants.

In just a few minutes’ walk from the salt lake you can meet donkeys, domesticated animals that were the lifeblood of the region. Today they only remind us of those past times, and one of their few refuges on the Adriatic is located in Mir Bay.

A few final points for visitors include the Grpašćak lookout point, which should not be missed, and the fact that there are many restaurants available in the nature park.  In order to provide convenience, the Telašćica Nature Park has made purchasing tickets easy by going online to