US firm to introduce long-range, electric jetski made from carbon fibre

US firm to introduce long-range, electric jetski made from carbon fibre

A Southern California company Elaqua Marine plans to ship a fully electric, carbon fibre personal watercraft by next summer that it says can save up to 7500 pounds of carbon emissions annually. Elaqua Marine, with engineering and manufacturing facilities in Irvine, California, claims its 3D-printed craft will provide 180 horsepower, for a top speed of 70 mph and a range of 60 miles.

The jetski will feature what the company calls a “full-suite software package” hosting a remote app and GPS tracking, built-in 5G LTE and WiFi, built-in Bose Bluetooth speakers, and ‘Apple Find My’ enabled. Elaqua is also offering a drone add-on for capturing video while underway, all controlled from a 7-inch touch screen display.

“Elaqua is very proud of this product and its quality and innovation. We currently have over 10 patents pending with the patent office and we’re extremely excited to get our jetskis into people’s hands and have them love it just as much as us,” says Dimphna Francsisca, co-founder of Elaqua.

The company has been running a prototype locally, and quotes one product tester as saying: “The electric jetski offers instant torque and is a ton of fun to ride on the water. I also loved how quiet it was and I was actually able to hear the bluetooth speakers really well.”

With an MSRP of US$12,250, the new model would be priced comparably to similar sized gas model PWCs.

Source: IBI News