Lamdo Yachts launches its first motoryacht

Lamdo Yachts launches its first motoryacht

Poland’s Lamdo Yachts is rolling out its first motoryacht at the end of June, with a second boat scheduled to launch next month, according to senior company representatives. While the business is working on opening its own shipyard in 2023, Lamdo aims to collaborate with Tony Castro’s studio to add a second model to its range, and is also mulling plans to add a third motoryacht that could become its new flagship in the coming years.

Błażej Predko, president of the company’s management board and its co-founder, told IBI that Lamdo Yachts is planning to develop the LY 25+, a 25ft boat that will be positioned below the company’s flagship 30ft model. In the long-term, Lamdo intends to launch a third model which will offer a length of more than 30ft, Predko says. Fitted with an outboard engine, its current flagship LY 30+ has a maximum engine power of 110kW (150 hp). The boat has a light displacement of just 5.6 tonnes. Lamdo has found the first customer for its first LY 30+ motoryacht in Poland, but is intensifying marketing efforts to find customers abroad, with a focus on Western Europe.

 “It is difficult for a newcomer like us to solely rely on sales in the Polish market,” says Predko. “Some of the foreign markets on which we want to focus our efforts are Germany and the Netherlands. We’re also planning to seek customers from the UK and Sweden, so countries where Polish boatbuilders are increasingly gaining recognition.”

The 30ft boat was built at two production halls Lamdo Yachts leases in Giżycko, in Poland’s northeast region of Warmia-Masuri – a popular destination for local seafarers with around 2,000 lakes. The first half of this year saw major changes at Lamdo, as Predko bought out his company’s co-owner and took full control of Lamdo Yachts’ activities.

“A new chapter for the company begins as we’re building a new shipyard for Lamdo Yachts in Giżycko,” he says. “Owing to this investment, we expect to produce up to 20 motoryachts next year. But with our international expansion in mind, we are open to talks with new investors who are interested in our offer.

“We are using funds from the European Union to build our own shipyard. Currently, we’re integrating 3D printing and five-axis computerised numerical control (CNC) machining capacities to ensure that we are ready for mass production of our boats,” Predko explains. “We have already developed forms for resin infusion, and we have secured a number of local suppliers to provide us with the necessary components.”

Prior to co-founding Lamdo Yachts, Predko gained professional experience in Poland’s boatbuilding industry, opening a company that specialised in five-axis CNC machining. As part of efforts to strengthen its brand, Lamdo Yachts is planning to promote its boats at various international industry events, according to its president. The boatbuilder is readying to take part in a forthcoming event hosted by the country’s yacht sector association, the POLBOAT Yachting Festival, which will be held from 21-24 July in Gdynia on the Polish Baltic coast.

Source: IBI News