Elaya celebrated at the 34th Biograd regatta

Elaya celebrated at the 34th Biograd regatta

The Biograd regatta, its 34th edition, was held in the first weekend of May, organized by the Biograd Sailing Club. This year, the organizers decided to set a limit of 15 boats for all current reasons. All 15 vacancies were filled, but in the end 13 crews started, because two canceled at the last minute.

The regatta program predicted two days of sailing and that was completely fulfilled. On the first day, sailors took a route from Biograd to Vrgada and Pakoštane with a occasional slalom around the islands, while on the second day, two more races were sailed. The start was at the same place as on Saturday (in front of the Biograd central pier), to the Kočerka shoal (marked with a lighthouse), then back around the islet of St. Katarina and the start buoy pin, and once again to Kočerka and back to the finish line.

Given the diverse composition of the regatta fleet and the majority of boats made up of local charters, the organizers decided to make a change in terms of division and grouping. It was decided to go with Open, without a sorting system, but to keep the division into groups to a minimum. Only two groups (A and B) were formed, independent of size, but dependent on the speed of the sailboats.

In all three races, the fastest was the sailboat Elaya (JK Loka timing) with helmsman Dušan Ušeničnik, which was dominant on both days of sailing. Behind them was the Coco loco sailboat with helmsman Nikola Zuber, and the third place was won by the local crew (JK Biograd) of the Siera sailboat led by Ivan Zrilić. In group B, Pasithea (JK Samobor, helmsman Željko Klarica) took the lead.

Source: Facebook JK Biograd/regate.com.hr