Sense4Boat - Inovation that is Changing the World of Boating

Sense4Boat - Inovation that is Changing the World of Boating

We conducted an interview with Krešimir Žic and Gorjan Agačević, the duo who are radically changing the security of boating with their innovative products and services. This is what the duo had to say…

I spent most of my business career as the director of the Marina Punat Group founded back in 1964 by my father Dragutin Žic. Through nearly 20 years of management experience in a marina with over 1,500 boats, the safety and care of vessels have always been at the top of my priorities. As we know, during long periods of wintering, vessels are exposed to adverse meteorological conditions, corrosion, galvanic currents, and sometimes malicious actions that endanger the safety of vessels. Boat owners are of course aware of this and that is why they entrust marinas with the care of their boats.

I have experienced numerous incidents in which water has penetrated or even sunk vessels, as well as fires and many thefts. The most common problems are with electricity, where the owner often finds out after several months of absence that his batteries are completely discharged or boil when attempting to recharge. In recent years, the so-called Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology has arrived, as well as affordable smart sensors that measure physical quantities in a simple and affordable way. Since I am a telematics engineer by profession, I realized that most of the incidents that boaters and marinas worry about can be prevented by using IoT technology. I gathered a team of top experts and over a period of several years we developed a system with special sensors that monitor all vital parameters of a vessel. Two years ago, I was joined by Gorjan Agačević, one of the most successful people in the Croatian IoT and insurtech scene, and together we have made a huge impact in bringing peace of mind to boaters.

Gorjan says:

Our sensors detect water penetration into the bilge of the vessel, extreme temperatures or smoke as an indication of a possible fire. They also monitor the position of the vessel via GPS or simply monitor the battery voltage on the vessel. The boat owner monitors the sensors via a mobile app, obtaining important information about the condition of the boat at all times. In the event of an incident, the owner is notified, as well as the marina so that it can take measures to protect the vessel.

The sensors are battery powered and are independent of the vessel’s electrical system. Installation is extremely simple and does not require professional staff. The sensors connect to the Internet via a special Sigox IoT network, without the need for a SIM card or WiFi signal. The Sigfox network already covers almost the entire EU, so our sensors work perfectly almost everywhere. Over the years, we have delivered thousands of sensors across Europe and prevented numerous sinkings, fires, thefts and deeply discharged batteries. We work with many partner marinas that wish to provide their customers with superior safety for their vessel, and believe that our solution will soon become standard, and perhaps mandatory in most marinas.