The first weekend in June, Betina will host the Traditional Wooden Shipbuilding Fair

The first weekend in June, Betina will host the Traditional Wooden Shipbuilding Fair

The Traditional Wooden Shipbuilding Fair will be held in Betina from 3 to 5 June 2022, organized in partnership by the Museum of Betina Wooden Shipbuilding, the Tourist Board of Betina and the association Betinska gajeta 1740.

The program includes an exhibition of traditional wooden ships, sales - exhibition fair of manufacturers of equipment for wooden ships - ropes, fenders, deck equipment, fittings, services in small shipbuilding - marine engines, electrical equipment, paints and varnishes, but also fishing tools and equipment, professional lectures by shipbuilders and other lovers of traditional shipbuilding, presentations of traditional tools, workshops for children and adults on shipbuilding, sailing, environmental protection, regattas and sailing in wooden ships and visits to shipyards.

On the main square of Betina will be held the gastronomic part of the event, presentation and sales fair of products of family farms, traditional craftsmen and other providers of local products. The program will be implemented in cooperation with partners and volunteers and will be held outdoors, in locations in the center of town, from the traditional shipyards on the southeast side of the village towards the Square on the Sea. Betina shipyards will be presented in situ during the fair days. Workshops and educational part will be held in the Betina Presentation Center.

Walking along the coastline towards the square, visitors will be introduced to exhibitors with a variety of offers related to the traditional boat, and upon arrival at the main square of Betina will be able to taste and buy a variety of local products in gastro pavilions. The most attractive part of the event will be held at the Long Pier in Betina - the Exhibition of Traditional Ships. The main waterfront of Betina will be the starting point of the presentation regatta of wooden boats and other voyages that are part of the program.

The goals of the project are to promote maritime culture and knowledge transfer, open new opportunities for actors of Croatian small wooden shipbuilding and related traditional crafts and the development of cultural tourism through new socio - cultural content related to the identity of the local community. The intention of the organizers and partners is to present and valorize the cultural heritage of Betina and the island of Murter through the project activities.

The project is primarily intended for shipbuilders, wooden boat owners, craftsmen, family farms, professional fishermen, members of heritage associations, locals, youth and children and visitors to Betina and the island of Murter with the aim of valorizing local maritime heritage and its popularization in tourism. knowledge transfer, education and training and further economic development. The program is intended for all lovers of maritime heritage and wooden shipbuilding.

The project is co-financed by LAGUR Galeb from Tribunj through the FLAG tender for the implementation of Measure 1.1.1. "Promotion of local fisheries, aquaculture, gastronomy and maritime heritage" from LRSR FLAG "Galeb", and the total value of the submitted project is 156,577.69 kn.