Postponed the first weekend of the America's Cup

Postponed the first weekend of the America's Cup

In light of Auckland’s latest lock due to the level 3 COVID-19 measures introduced by the New Zealand government on February 28 for seven days, the first weekend of the America’s Cup was postponed i.e. the races scheduled for Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March. The purpose of this early decision is to provide at least some certainty in planning for all stakeholders of the event with respect to the initial weekend.

Tina Symmans, president of America’s Cup Event Ltd, said: “As ACE has always said it wants to hold as many races as possible under level 1 restrictions, but to be prudent, ACE will ask for an exemption for level 3 races in order to more options left open. However, the race will not take place before at least Wednesday, March 10th. "

In the meantime, ACE will continue to work closely with the relevant authorities over the next few days as this latest situation with COVID develops.

“We need to understand all the likely scenarios so that an updated race schedule can be established while ensuring regulatory compliance is met,” Symmans concluded.