Luna Rossa win the Prada Cup Semi-Final

Luna Rossa win the Prada Cup Semi-Final

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli finally got the redemption they were looking for and, scoring four points in a row, win the Prada Cup Semi-Final. The Italians started firmly in the driver's seat ahead of second day Semi-Final races and needed only two more wins to claim a place in the Prada Cup Final against INEOS Team UK.

The Americans, who had already won their race against the time after their AC75 almost sunk less than two weeks ago, had to find some magic to bring Patriot back to the performances she had before and had to win at least one match to keep their Semi-Final alive. But there was nothing American Magic could do. The Italians won the starts and were just faster, steadier and confident. Without any real pressure they didn’t make any mistakes and sailed to two easy wins.

Their victory had been well deserved. Since the start of the Semi-Final the Italian performance had been pitch perfect across a wide range of conditions, in just a few days between the Round Robin and the semi-final they had turned their performance around.

“Now the INEOS boys,” said helmsman of Luna Rossa, Jimmy Spithill, as they crossed the finish.

While they would doubtless celebrate this win, the Italian team’s focus had already shifted. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli progress to the Final against INEOS Team UK less than two weeks away. The Italians who seem to have find another gear and another click of speed after a limping Round Robin will be strong opponent for the British. With such change in fortunes since the first AC75 match on the 17th of December, it’s impossible to predict who will be the 36th America’s Cup Challenger and there is plenty to watch out for in the coming weeks.

The 13-race Final between the two leading teams, will start on the 13th of February, the first team to score seven points will win the Prada Cup and face the Defender, Emirates Team New Zealand in the America’s Cup Match starting on March 6th.

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