Genoa Boat Show to undergo two-year overhaul

Genoa Boat Show to undergo two-year overhaul

The Italian boating sector sees 2022 as a flagship year in which builders and suppliers expect to outperform their double-digit growth of 2021. And reflecting that enthusiasm is the reconstruction on the Genoa waterfront where the site of the city’s annual boat show is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Over the next two years, the site will be greatly revamped, promising more across-the-board facilities.

Today, the heart of the show – the circular Pavilion S – is a badly gouged complex that has been ruled unsafe and will be reconstructed with four levels, including 6,000m² of exhibition space, underground parking and restaurants.

There will also be a new marina for 200 boats, raising the Genoa Boat Show’s capacity to as many as 1,200-1,300 boats and yachts, says Alessandro Campagna, the show’s director. The site’s overhaul implies an investment of €370m, he said, by private and public investors.

Given its ambitious scope, the overhaul will take at least two years to be completed. However, Campagna said the 2022 show will take place September 22-27.

Once the reimagined, futuristic Levante Waterfront has been completed, “the Genoa Boat Show will be unmatched worldwide,” said Campagna. “We are talking about a total rebuilding of Pavilion S. It’ll have multifunctional displays, lots of parking and restaurants. In that sense the boat show will answer the two most important questions that visitors have: where do I park? and, where do I eat?”

The 2021 show attracted 91,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors.

Source: IBI News