70 sailing boats took part in the Kornati Cup

70 sailing boats took part in the Kornati Cup

One of the most important Adriatic regattas Kornati Cup was held from April 30 to May 4 with a total 70 sailing boats competed in seven categories. The opening of the regatta took place in the Murter Marina Hramina, from where we headed to the ACI Marina Žut where dinner was organized and the daily winners in each group were announced. The second day was followed by departure from Žut to Biograd, where dinner was also prepared and an alka competition was held. On the third day it was sailing on the route Biograd Marina Kornati - Murter Marina Hramina, where the announcement of the winner of this year's Kornati Cup was held.


Winners by categories

Bavaria Cruiser 46' New

1.       Thomas Rupp/KYCO  - „Saphir“

2.       Vladimir Leonov - Bella III

3.       Martin Mayer/ÖSV - Rocky I

Bavaria 46´ with genaker

1.       Julian Reichert - MH76

2.       Hendrik Rink - MH86

3.       Florian Denk/ORCA - MH84

Bavaria Cruiser 41S with spinaker

1.       Peter Fritsch/YCA - Artemis

2.       Rolf Krättli/SCH - Viviane II

3.       ANdreas Duelli/KRS - Neo Star II

Bavaria Cruiser 41S with genaker

1.       Jürgen Spritzendorfer/YCTM  - MH73

2.       Eike Mitteregger/ÖSV - MH 75

3.       Frank Walther/KA - Mona L

Group ORC-u without spinaker

1.       Thomas Dieplinger/SCATT - Bella Vita (Dufour 46)

2.       Bernhard Wilfinger/MSYÖ - Black Pirat (More 55)

3.       Fritz Renner - Eike VIII (Bavaria 47)

Group ORC-u with spinaker

1.       Peter Schicho/KYCO - Trinity (Solaris 44)

2.       Christoph Dittrich/UYCWÖ - Joker (J 109)

3.       Ernst Hofmann/Twin - Release (Salona IBC 41)


1.       Johann Buchinger/ORCA - Kalea  (Nautitech 40)

2.       Pascall Bircher/ORCA - Umami (FP Astrea 42)

3.       Robert Fiereder/SC Tauern - Elea (Lagoon 400S2)