ACI marina Slano - the nautical jewel of the Dubrovnik Riviera

ACI marina Slano - the nautical jewel of the Dubrovnik Riviera

The Tourist Board of the Dubrovnik Riviera has recorded the four-part advertising video series entitled “Discover the Dubrovnik Riviera”. The second episode, published recently, addresses nautical topics, featuring ACI marina Slano as the centre of all nautical potentials and the starting point of the ultra-magical tour along the Dubrovnik Riviera. Magical landscapes, crystalline seawater, unspoiled nature and plenty of sun and wind make Croatia the perfect boating destination and ACI Marina Slano the growing sensation for those wishing to explore one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean - South Dalmatia.  

In the second episode of the four-part video series, Mark Thomas takes us on a tour through the nautical fairy tale along the Dubrovnik Riviera. 

"With lots of guaranteed sunshine, calm seas and fair winds, there is no wonder Croatia has become a magnet for boaters and tourists from all over the world.  Croatian indented coastline, its hidden bays, charming beaches and high-quality infrastructure make the Dubrovnik Riviera the most popular target on the radar of every skipper”, says Mark enthusiastically.   

Certainly, the story about the nautical potentials of the Dubrovnik Riviera cannot be told if skipping the amazing Elaphite Islands. The best way to explore them is by choosing ACI Marina Slano for your departure point. You will get the best information about it from the ACI Marina Slano Managing Director, Mrs Danijela Crljen.  

“The greatest advantage of ACI Marina Slano is its location.  The Marina is located in a beautiful and peaceful bay near the Elaphite Islands.  About 80% of the vessels moored at ACI Marina Slano belong to annual berth holders. However, a really great number of boaters from around the world stay at the marina during the summer months”, points out the ACI Marina Managing Director. 

The video ends with amazing shots made while sailing along the Dubrovnik Riviera and with the very last one highlighting the logo of the project “Safe Stay In Croatia” in which ACI has been proudly participating.  Additionally, the first large COVID-19 testing point has been available to marina guests at the nearby ACI Marina Dubrovnik. Therefore, the tour of the beautiful south of Croatia no longer means just one of the most beautiful, but also one of the safest tours in the world.

You can watch the entire episode covering the nautical potentials of the Dubrovnik Riviera and ACI Marina Slano here